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restructuring your company?
Consolidation, growth or downsizing – whatever the reason for you to restructure we can guide you through all the issues.

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Restructuring your company?

Restructuring a company creates the perfect opportunity to reflect not only on the current position of the business, but also to take steps to ensure the structure is appropriate for what the world may look like in the future.


Advantages of restructuring

A restructured, streamlined and simplified business is more resilient, cost efficient and better equipped to deal with risks and threats, setting it up well for future success. Just because things have worked well in the past does not necessarily mean that they can’t change.

Now more than ever, companies need to be structured and operated in a way that takes into account changes to the global economy and which can fully benefit from government initiatives.

RJP can help you with strategic advice on reorganising ownership, operational or the financial structure of your company – for the purpose of making it more profitable, or better organised for its present and future needs.

Restructuring for future growth and profitability

Restructuring doesn’t have to involve a distressed business, but might be undertaken or situations where other needs for change have been highlighted. This could, for example, be to introduce new investors, to separate businesses which are going in different directions, for financial reasons, macro and micro-economic factors (such as Brexit), or global pandemics such as the recent Covid-19 coronavirus crisis.

Our specialist expertise in this field means you are free to concentrate on the business of being in business, whilst being assured of the very best service and attention to all the finer details.

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60 Day Deadline for CGT Returns and Tax Payments

If you sell a property and incur capital gains tax on the transaction, you will need to file a tax return and also pay any tax that is due within 60 days of completion, or penalties will arise. Need help with your property taxes? Talk to us.