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Fee protection insurance – a sound investment

Ask anyone who has faced an enquiry by HMRC and they will all extol the benefits of tax enquiry fee protection. For all too many, their experience will actually be based on hindsight; they will wish they had taken out protection sooner.

HMRC have been very open about their increased efforts to catch persistent tax avoiders and recently launched a number of incentives designed to identify offenders. As a result, tax enquiries are more common and the likelihood of you having one has never been greater; it may be that your business operates within a sector which HMRC are currently targeting, or where tax avoidance is perceived to be a greater risk.

Are you facing a tax enquiry?

Should you be targeted by HMRC, for instance you may have received a letter asking for an inspection visit, what steps should you take? If you have a full enquiry opened to enable HMRC to examine your tax affairs and records, it can be a costly and highly stressful experience; this is where we can help.

Whilst an enquiry is always time consuming and stressful, RJP will help you to manage this, and our tax enquiry fee protection will cover the fees involved with dealing with HMRC on your behalf.

Today, the average cost of a full business enquiry for clients without tax enquiry insurance cover can be in excess of £6,000. This means that protecting your business from the impact of these fees, for an annual premium of as little as £175 is potentially a very sound investment.

Peace of mind from market leading tax enquiry fee protection specialists

RJP works with one of the leading providers of specialist tax enquiry fee protection and the level of cover is highly comprehensive. This protection also includes a free business support helpline, allowing you to benefit from expert advice and support in the areas of employment and personnel, Health & Safety and commercial legal issues.

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