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Company Secretarial services in Surrey

Company secretarial compliance is a basic company requirement and a sound long-term business investment. Many small businesses opt for a limited company structure because of the protection offered and the tax planning opportunities available. Eventually a corporate structure becomes inevitable as businesses grow.

Whatever the stage of your business’ lifespan, incorporation inevitably means additional, time-consuming paperwork, the responsibility of the directors and the company secretary.

As Surrey accountants and tax advisers, RJP understands the connection between the work undertaken by a company secretary and the amount you may be able to sell your company for, together with the impact company secretarial work can have on the company’s tax liabilities.

This makes us uniquely placed not only to help clients comply with their legal obligations as company directors, but to seamlessly provide company secretarial advice alongside detailed tax advice to ensure both aspects are fully covered when any changes are made to a company’s structure.

How can RJP’s company secretarial services help you become more tax efficient?

The following are instances of where RJP’s services have helped clients achieve a lower tax liability, operate more efficiently, attract full value from potential purchasers, or simply remain compliant with legal company secretarial obligations:

  • Re-designating shares for greater flexibility in the payment of company dividends;
  • Sub-dividing shares, allowing for changes to the shareholding whilst maintaining the capital structure;
  • Maintenance of electronic statutory books, allowing the client to access the register of members and open a bank account more quickly;
  • Making efficient use of share structuring to save costs of future re-structuring and any unnecessary tax implications;
  • Combining tax and company secretarial services in one fee, avoiding duplication of cost.

RJP’s Annual Company Secretary Service is provided to clients for an all-inclusive fee and includes the following essential services:

  • Preparation and filing of the Confirmation Statement (previously Annual Return)
  • Provision of Registered Office facilities, if required
  • Maintenance of Statutory Registers
  • Attending to correspondence from Companies House
  • Drafting of Board Minutes to accompany the Accounts
  • Appointment and resignations of officers
  • Change of Registered Office
  • Changes to Service Addresses
  • Changes to Accounting Reference Date
  • Registration for on-line filing
  • Registration for Protected On-line Filing (PROOF)

A dedicated department specialising in company secretary services

The company secretarial services offered by RJP cover all aspects of company administration, ranging from completing specific instructions, e.g. company formation, a company name change or the appointment of new officers, to total outsourcing of the entire company secretarial function to a qualified company secretarial expert.

Appointing our experts will ensure your company remains compliant at Companies House, removing the risk of the company being struck off or directors prosecuted. We keep abreast of changes to legislation and make sure you are well informed about how they may affect you.

In addition to our standard service, RJP offers specialist company secretarial services, which can be provided on an ad-hoc basis, as required for clients or indeed, professional associates such as solicitors or accountants. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Reconstituting the company books from incorporation
  • Updating the company registers as a result of specialist event driven filings by other professionals
  • Applications to strike off or restore a company
  • Dividend vouchers and minutes
  • Subdivision or consolidation of shares
  • Re-designation of shares
  • Issuing of shares
  • Share buy-backs
  • Reduction in share capital
  • Board lifecycle support
  • Advising on Corporate Governance
  • Outsourced company secretarial service for clients with a portfolio of companies.

Do you want to ensure your corporate structure is streamlined and become more tax-efficient?


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