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How to stay informed about new UK/EU customs and tax rules

By RJP LLP on 22 March 2021

New customs and tax rules have been introduced for the movement of goods between the UK and countries in the EU. This change will affect all businesses who are involved with the following scenarios:

  • buying goods from an EU seller and then bringing them into the UK;
  • sending goods sold to a buyer in an EU country;
  • moving equipment used by your business between the UK and the EU (money does not need to have been exchanged).

Financial support for Brexit changes

There are various financial support options available from HMRC to help businesses cope with the impact of these changes through the SME Brexit Support Fund. This offers smaller businesses the chance to obtain funding of up to £2,000 to pay for practical support, including training or professional advice to adjust to new customs, rules of origin and VAT rules, when trading with the EU.


Webinars to keep you informed

HMRC are also running a series of webinars to help businesses owners adjust to the new rules and avoid any disruption to normal trading. Details of all the webinars and the topics being covered can be found via HMRC website.

Watch webinars and videos from other government departments to support you


Other HMRC sources for help with new customs and tax rules

Here is a list of other sources you can try for information.

There are helpful videos on HMRC's YouTube channel to familiarise yourself with the new customs processes and what you need to do before you trade goods with the EU.

The trader checklist will help ensure you are familiar with the new rules that affect you

HMRC has published updated guides to explain the new customs and VAT requirements when moving goods between the UK and EU countries

You can sign-up to the Trader Support Service if your business is moving goods between GB and Northern Ireland.

Ask and get answers to specific questions about HMRC processes for importing or exporting, by visiting new customer forums

Sign up to weekly email updates on 'News and information about importing and exporting with the EU', providing hints and tips for businesses getting used to the new rules for importing and exporting

You can also use our blog, RJP Insights to stay up to date. We are publishing updates on HMRC changes to be aware of all the time.


To get in touch with HMRC

You can use the Customs & International Trade helpline on 0300‌‌ ‌322‌‌ ‌9434, for more help with importing, exporting or customs reliefs. The helpline is open‌‌ ‌from 8am‌‌ ‌to‌‌ ‌10pm‌‌ ‌Monday‌‌ ‌to‌‌ ‌Friday and‌‌ ‌from 8am‌‌ ‌to‌‌ ‌4pm at‌‌ ‌week‌‌ends.

For any other accountancy and tax advice relating to running your business contact us at

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